Lincoln Park Zoo, a historic landmarkfounded in 1868, is celebrating its 24th Annual ZooLights! ZooLights boastsover 2.5 million lights! The LPZ is FREE and open 365 days per year! 

Looking East from Lincoln Park Zoo towards Lake Shore Drive

Yes, Lincoln Park Zoo is free! You can just walk right in! This is no chincy zoo either. You find everything from Lions to Lemurs and Penguins to Polar Bears here. Plus the grounds are just beautiful. 


2001 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614 and sometimes you’ll see 2204 N. Cannon Drive Chicago, Illinois 60614 as the address.

Website: https://www.lpzoo.org/

Phone: 1-312-742-2000

Insiders tip: 

Getting there: If you can take the bus or your own two feet or ride share or any mode of transportation where YOU do not have to park YOUR car I strongly suggest it. 

Parking: I have a three pass limit on Stockton. I will drive up and down Stockton a maximum of three times and at least try for free parking. After three strikes I opt for the pay lot at LaSalle Dr. and Clark St. If you end up here pull in, take a ticket and squeeze into a spot. You pay when you are leaving. Pay, in the pay building, before you get back in your vehicle. hang onto that ticket stub as that gets you out of the lot. Last time I used that parking lot / garage I was there for about five hours and I paid a little over $30.00. If parallel parking is not your strong suite, also opt for one of the lots. I have seen some crazy parking maneuvers by the lesser experienced and the beginning of what might have led to a few divorces over parking in this area!  

Food: There’s a lot of food options in the area and in the Zoo. One famous place that is in walking distance of the Zoo is the Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company. The pizza pot pies are unlike anything you have ever had. Don’t be shocked by the wait times. We had some out of town guests that just had to eat here. The wait was 3:45. Yep. If you have the time and I hope its a short wait do your taste buds a favor. Click HERE for some videos. 

Click the pic for ZooLights video!