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Windy City


What the heck is Dibs, you ask?

So let’s say we get 10 inches of snow and you are parked on the street in front of your house or apartment. You spend 30 minutes shoveling out, finally pull out of the spot, only to have someone pull in to that spot you worked so hard to clear out. Now, when you come back you may or may not get a spot. If someone had their BIG SUV parked and left, is your Prius going to get over the snow mounds? Are you in the mood to shovel again? Before you knw it you will be shoveling all over the city only to have someone “steal” that spot. Chicago was built on hard work. Hard work that you should be rewarded for. Like if you dig out the parking spot it’s yours, right? Not everyone agrees but welcome to the Chicago tradition of Dibs.

Growing up I hated the snow. If there was snow on the ground that meant no skateboarding outside. Ever since having a driver’s license and vehicle it’s not so much of a concern as I can just drive to a indoor facility to skate. SO now when it snows I can find the beauty in the snow fall and the amazement of what we’ll get to see being used as Dibs!

Standard operating procedure for Dibs is to get a couple of your white plastic chairs that you only use during the summer when having a BBQ. A couple of those usually do the trick. But what if you don’t have a set of chairs? Time to get creative. I have seen everything from a walker (like grandma’s) to cereal boxes, a Knight, a full on table and six chairs…the list goes on. My all time favorite is when a broom gets used to bridge the span of two objects like a orange Home Depot bucket to a plastic snowman.

Stay tunes for more Dibs info coming soon…