Top: 24 Hour Joints

Middle of the day or middle of the night. These joints have got you covered.

Diner Grill

Address: 1635 W. Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL. 60613
Website (Facebook)
Phone: 1-773-248-2030

“Let me tell ya about the guy who tried to eat two Slingers”…

Old train car fresh food. The bones of this place are from a couple of old street cars. Many decades and a couple of fires later, I’m not sure how much of the street cars are left in the actual building. What I do know, without a doubt is that The Diner Grille serves good quality food at fair prices and is open 24 hours a day. I have been coming here for over 20 years! I love that I can get breakfast any time of the day or night. I did actually eat two Slingers in one setting. Uhhhh, don’t do it. That was the longest short bus ride home.

Hollywood Grill

Address: 1601 W. North Ave. Chicago, IL. 60622
Phone: 1-773-395-1818

The Hollywood Grill is another one of my favorites. Easy to get to at Ashland and North Ave. Both of those street’s busses stop there and they have plenty of parking. Good service, good food, wide variety and fair prices keep me coming back.

Arturo’s Taco

Address: 2001 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
Phone: 1-773-772-4944

There are so many reasons to live in the City of Chicago. being able to get tacos 24 hours a days in on MY top 10 list. After a concert at Concord Music Hall I’m heading here.

Belmont Snack Shop

Address: 3407 W. Belmont Ave. Chicago, IL. 60618
Website (Facebook)
Phone: 1-773-293-6100

Don’t let the look of this place fool you. There’s a reason they have been here for so long in the Avondale neighborhood. They have all of your diner food favs. Everyone there is super nice. Few steps from the Belmont Blueline CTA and also served by the Belmont and Kimball buses.