You have been all over the web. You have poured through more top 10 lists than you can remember (if you just read mine you’d be done already!). Do you go to the Willis Tower or the one that used to be called the Handcock? What happed to the Sears Tower anyway, you wonder? This review site said this and that one said something else…I know. Trust me I know. I live here and I know what can potentially be a tourist trap and where the time vampires hide out. Here’s hope helpful advise on what sites to see and some tip’s n tricks.

There are so many amazing tours that you can experience downtown. But what if you have seen that done that or you simply want to see something unique. Chicago covers 233 square miles. That’s a lot of ground to cover for adventure. So yes, do a double decker bus tour and most definitely take in a river tour (Most of the tour boats have a bar…just sayin’). But, also venture out into the neighborhoods. Each one has a unique story to tell. 

Pullman Neighborhood: Chicago, Illinois

Pullman Chicago House Tour. Actually go into the these historic homes. Can you imagine living in a National Park?