Fargo Skate Park – Indoor

629 E. Lincoln Highway Dekalb, IL. 60115

Website: https://fargoskateboarding.com/ Phone: 1-815-756-5555



Other Info:
On the Northside of Lincoln Highway right in downtown Dekalb.
They are in the former Fargo Theater. You can find free parking right in front on Lincoln Highway.

Inside / Outside:

10,000 SQ FT.

Fargo is located approximately 65 miles West of Grant Park Skate Park. Lincoln Highway is also Route 38 and for us city folks; Roosevelt Rd.
If you want to take the scenic route out to Dekalb you can just head West on Roosevelt Rd! Or…
Just take the Eisenhower (290) merge on to the Regan (88) and sing along to your favorite driving tunes until you exit 88 at peace Rd.

Once you park you walk right into the shop store front. The shop is well stocked and nicely lit. Tons of decks, shoes, clothing, hats…
The park is past the left of the sales counter, out to the patio, turn right, and head straight for the door in front of you.

When it’s cold outside it’s toasty in the park. If you have a bag or other gear to put somewhere there’s a hangout area on the back left by the bathrooms.

Fargo is constantly evolving and changing their set up. They have some unique obstacles like the newly built “China banks” after those famous banks in San Francisco. Couple of different height manny pads, pool corner, mini ramp (a large and small version), pyramid, rails, Euro gap. Plenty of moveable obstacles too. Go find Noah. He’ll have all of them put together into a super obstacle!

They also offer lesions, skate camp and have a lady’s only skate sessions.

My 2 Cents:
Fargo has such a welcoming feel to it. Very comfortable. Ariel, Corey, “Stretch” and crew are all awesome.
My first time there, without even saying a word to each other, “Stretch” and I started junk skating a little bank ramp.
We must have skated that little bank (and chair) for like 45 minutes. Just bustin’ silly fun tricks.
After about a hundred “yeahs” and a water break we got each other’s names. Go to Fargo and make new friends!

Insider Tips:
You can park right in front on Lincoln Highway. Free street parking. Show off your parallel parking skills before you show off your skate boarding skills.

Hours / Rates:
Check their website for the most updated information.

Yes, in the skatepark to the left of the “stage”. Nicest skate park bathroom I have ever been in.

Are Pads Required?

Waiver Required?

Riding Surface?
Wooden ramps and concrete floor.

Is there a pro shop on site?
Yes, fully stocked with decks, trucks, wheels, shoes, clothing.
The shop has all of the major brands plus local Chicago brands (Like Pardon My Thrashing).

Food / Drinks nearby:
Plenty of options up and down Lincoln Highway. CHICKEN across the street and Tom & Jerry’s are local favorites. 

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