Where to go for Chicago’s finest and not so fine entertainment.

Wanna see a live TV show get recorded, possibly be on TV and be in the same building made famous by Bozo?

Everyone in Chicago knows that WGN Channel 9 is the undisputed champion of the morning news. Sure you’ll get the news and you’ll also get plenty of awkward and I can’t believe they did or said that on the morning news moments. It’s like the Muppet Show meets the news. 

Pat Tomasulo (District 22 Wrestling Champ) is the best damn sports reporter in the industry. I’m not much of a sports guy unless drinking at Wrigley is a sport. Pat makes traditional sports not only interesting, but fun and his delivery, humor and wit are unmatched. Those attributes led him in the right direction of moonlighting as a stand up comedian. 

Besides Bozo, there were quite a few famous shows tapped at the WGN studios on Bradley Place. One being Phil Donahue. For years I wondered by WGN didn’t have a studio audience based show. But who would host such a show? 

Yep, Pat Tomasulo, The Man Of The People, that’s who. It’s kind of like that show that was on E!, Talk Soup, but with a strong local Chicago feel and a better production value. Check out past episodes on their You Tube page HERE. Oh and Pat & Dean. That Billy Joel bit was amazing!

Here is the link where you van get tickets to the show which tapes most Fridays. MAN OF THE PEOPLE TICKETS AND FAQ HERE