5-8-2019: I have now gotten to the point of having so many things to do that the order they get done doesn’t even matter any more. They just need to get done. I have video footage coming out of my ears and not enough time for the edits or working on this site. There’s a couple of large home projects that I am working on as well. I thought about filing them, but I just need to get them done and not make them take longer then they need to be. I am on a huge push for total home organization. I am completely rewiring and updating my home entertainment and automation system. Out with the old and outdated. This will make making changes easier and quicker going forward. I am also finishing the inside of my garage! It got super full of, we’ll, home stuff, Pardon My Thrashing stuff for events, like out tent and booth displays, two huge manual platforms and slider bar…The temperature always seems to be too hot or too cold in there too. I want to make it more of a workshop rather than just a storage facility. Insulation, drywall, shelving, upgrading the audio system… The basement has also been on the hit list for organization as well. All this while working a couple two, three jobs, and trying to skate as much as possible! That being said. There will be a sort break from producing content. I’m gonna knock these projects out then it game on for content! We’ll go through “S.K.A.T.E.” and start off with how to get around the city. I look forward to picking back up with the adventures. Until then be sure to check out past adventures on You Tube as well as Pardon My Thrashing’s You Tube.

3-1-2019: February sure went by quickly too. Short month with a lot of adventures. We checked out the Chicago Auto Show which is the nation’s largest and longest running auto show! We took a test drive in the new Explorer, check out the Ford & Lincoln displays and then over to Camp Jeep. Those videos are both up on You Tube. We also went to Fargo Skate Park in Dekalb for their 30 year old and over session. That video is live over at Pardon My Thrashing’s You Tube page. We also went to The Plant and got the full tour as well as the brewery tour with Whiner! Chicago has had some unbearable temperatures over the last few weeks. I look forward to winder coming to a close. I still need to get out of the house though. So we took the Interior Spaces Tour with Chicago Detours. We went into the world’s tallest church, right in downtown Chicago, and down into the Pedway to explore the passageways underneath the city to then pop out under the world’s largest Tiffany dome. That video goes live next week! So be on the lookout for the Whiner and Plant Tours as well as the Fargo Skate Park virtual tour. The website is coming around as I have content on all of the pages now. So much more to add. Keep exploring the site for new updates. Also subscribe to the You Tube channel so you don’t miss out on the adventures. Find Greg Roberts SKATE PMT and Let’s Go For A SKATE on all of the social media accounts. Until next time…Let’s go for a skate!

1-21-2019: I can’t believe another month has gone by already! I hope 2019 is treating you well. Here’s what’s in store for 2019. Adding as much content as quickly as possible to this site. There’s so much to cover and so much to share. There’s some new fresh content on You Tube. We just went on a adventure to the RV Boat & Sail Show. There was so much to see I had to divide this up into multiple parts. My apologies for the hard to hear narration. It was so loud in as there we a ton of people there. We are going underground beneath Chicago, so be on the look out for some upcoming Pedway videos and info.

12-20-2018: Work on the website, film some video (I still say film), work on the website some more, edit some video, so skateboarding, throw a skateboard party with Solemn Oath Brewery, work on the website more, sigh a new rider. Yeah, It’s kinda been like that. I have been working hard to get content on the site and put out new videos. This will be my last blog post of the year. If you are reading this, thank you so much for being here. I really do want to make this the best website for learning about Chicago and the surrounding areas. Please check back often as this site is like a construction site. You’ll get to see the destruction and improvements right before your eyes as I keep adding content to the site and getting cool videos on You Tube. Until next time Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday’s. No matter what your beliefs are I’m just glad you’re here. See you next year. Until then check out some of my exciting adventures on You Tube. Everything from the Wright Brothers Bicycle shop to Skateboarding in Whiner Brewery. CLICK HERE FOR ADVENTURE

11-6-2018: Greetings all. I can’t believe it is November already. As usual, lots going on here. We just had a successful launch between Pardon My Thrashing & Whiner Beer Company. If you are not familiar with Pardon My Thrashing, “PMT” is a skateboard company that I co-own and Whiner Beer Company is a, you guessed it, a beer brewer here in Chicago. Whiner launched their new beer, Bruises and we co designed an amazing looking skateboard. We had our launch party at the bar / video arcade Emporium and had The Runnies and Cooler By The Lake perform live. I spent some more time in Greenfield Village filming and learning and also stocking up skateshops with our new skateboards. Maybe one day I’ll actually have some time to skate and not be injured. yeah, one day. 

10-10-2018:I can’t get content on this site fast enough! October 2018 might be the busiest month of my life! Lot’s of concerts, tours, filming at Whiner Brewery for an upcoming project and an event with them later this month. Back to Dearborn Michigan for another visit to The Henry Ford and Greenfield Village. I’m gonna keep this one short so I can get more content on this site.

Starting point: 9-14-2018. I have been super busy working on this website, taking photos and videos for the site, skateboarding and dealing with pain that won’t go away, working for the A/V company and Pardon My Thrashing. All the above can be fun and taxing at the same time. I’m happy it’s Friday afternoon. The weather in Chicago is supposed to be in the mid 80’s this weekend. I feel like I have to film some more for a ad that PMT is working on and get more content for the web and get more footage for the You Tube channel, and do some automation programming, and work in the yard and pay some bills and write more here…Time to get back to it! I am 100% serious when I say I want this website and my You Tube and other social media to be the best knowledge source for visiting Chicago and anywhere else our adventures take us. This site and all of the videos that will be coming up are for all of us to enjoy, learn and have fun. Now…”Let’s go for a _____!”

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