Asylum Skate Park – Indoor

29850 N. Skokie Hwy. Lake Bluff, IL. 60044

Website: Phone: 1-847-578-5103


Other Info:
On the West side of Skokie Highway.
In the same complex as the Hot Shot Ice arena.

Asylum is located 35 miles North of Grant Park Skate Park in Chicago.
It is 25 miles North of the Small Park in Lincolnwood.
Driving from the North? Asylum is 21 miles South of The Brat Stop.
Out West? Asylum is 39 miles from the Villa park Skate Park

Now that you know where it is and how to get there here’s some info about the skate park:
Asylum has seen a lot of improvements as of late. Lets start at the bottom and work up.
Want a slippery floor? Well, go to the ice arena next door. Asylum gave their floor a mean scraping and isn’t so slick now.

Their “street area” keeps evolving with many changes from last season
New stairs and ledges, half pyramid is back, new Euro gap and the shop side has been reconfigured.

Mini got a reworking and feels much better. It got some access steps too. (Thanks Jim).

The other “Street area” lost it’s stairs and gained a bank in it’s place.
Outside you will be greeted be new lighting so you don’t step in a soggy mud puddle on your way in to the park. My 2 Cents:
Asylum is the closest indoor skate park to chicago.
They have just about every type of terrain there, bowl, mini, street area, ledges, banks…
Getting there: if you are in the city just take the Edens to the Skokie Hwy. verses taking the Tri State (294). Feels like an easier drive. Plus there’s more places to stop off and get gas, eat, bathroom break.

Insider Tips:
Don’t let the parking lot fool you that the place is super crowded. They share a lot with the ice rink next door. Asylum has a fully stocked shop. All of the major brands as well as local brands (Like Pardon My Thrashing).

Done skating and need some grub? You have to go eat at the Full Moon Restaurant. They are just North of Asylum and on the other side of the Skokie Hwy. The food here is no joke. Super good. Super friendly staff. Best chicken noodle soup that I have ever had. In bisuness since 1978 and open 24/7!
Free Thanksgiving dinners and big supportes of our Navy.
Full Moon = fully belly.
Full Moon Resturant
1600 N Skokie Hwy.,
Lake Bluff, IL,60044
Phone: 1-847-689-0733

Hours / Rates:
Check their website for the most updated information.
Asylum has lock-ins and other special events so be sure to check here:

Usually a catagory for the outdoor parks but since they just updated their lighting out front, I’m leaving it in here!
New outside lights so you can see now! 

Yes, just outside the shop area down the hall. The bathroom use to be really gnarly all the time. It’s been much better lately. Remember, when you use the bathroom don’t treat it like a garbage dump. magic doesn’t keep it clean, the owners and staff do.

Are Pads Required?

Riding Surface?
Wooden ramps and concrete floor.

Is there a pro shop on site?
Yes, fully stocked with decks, trucks, wheels, shoes, clothing.

Food / Drinks nearby:
They have a nice selection of snacks and drinks on site or go enjoy a nice meal at Full Moon. 

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Full Moon Photos: